Executive Council Sponsors PinkSlipMixers

The ECLV sponsored the 2nd PinkSlipMixer on March 3, 2010 at Aurora Lounge inside the LUXOR. Here is the FOX 5 news clip of the Mixer. http://www.fox5vegas.com/video/22736435/index.html

ECLV Members help Soldiers' Angels

Soldiers' Angel is a non-profit organization founded by the great niece of the late, great General George S. Patton. Patti Patton-Bader was inspired to found Soldiers' Angels when her son was deployed to Iraq. Their motto is, "Let no Soldier go unloved." Soldiers' Angels make it a point to greet every soldier that returns home from their deployment. Soldiers' Angels is working on a USO for McCarran Airport (Las Vegas) so our troops have a place to relax before or after deployment.

The Executive Council is proud to have volunteered their time to help the cause of Soldiers' Angels.

ECLV member, Valerie Harper, volunteering

ECLV member, Valerie Harper, volunteering
Soldier's Angels information table, February 19, 2010

ECLV member, Norman Boris, volunteering with Jeni Ford

ECLV member, Norman Boris, volunteering with Jeni Ford
Soldiers' Angels information table, February 19, 2010

ECLV member, Tim Harsh, volunteering

ECLV member, Tim Harsh, volunteering
Soldiers' Angels event at RV show, Cashman Field, February 18, 2010

ECLV Pink Slip Mixer held at Hawaiian Tropic, Planet Hollywood


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  1. I'd like to put a question to Ursula: As a Marketing expert, what would you say is the best ways to increase leads to your business in these difficult times? What are people responding to best? Direct mail? Newsletters? Or something else?

  2. For me to give you a more accurate answer, I would have to know what business you're in. Putting that aside, the simple answer is to analyze what advertising and marketing vehicles you have used over the past year or so. Which ones have delivered the best results? If it is, say, direct mail and you have also used regular newspaper ads and also radio, then I would eliminate the newspaper and radio and put more effort into direct mail only. The worst mistake people make in this type of economy is to stop their marketing efforts altogether. Do you have a database of potential and previous customers? I would be eblasting at least once a month with special offers and incentives to come in. Don't do it more than that, as you will then become a nuisance and end up in the junk mail file.

    Remember, "down" economies are the best time to grab market share. Your competition is often afraid to advertise and it's a perfect time to create dominance in your category.

  3. First, I'd like to commend you for putting this group together and allowing others the opportunity to ask questions and answering them based on your professional experiences.

    My question is, what marketing analysis tools have you used? What software applications or solutions do you recommend that would handle search automation processes in order to find patterns & predictors?

    Thank you and more power!


  4. Anna,
    Our apologies for the delay in answering your question. This was a broad question that could cover a few industries. So let us know if you need further details.

    Marsha has this reply.
    If it’s TV we us Focus Groups to ascertain if a marketing program will attract TV audiences; we also use Nielsen ratings and shares information to create programs that attract like-minded viewers.

    For the question is print of DM, I would imagine our customer retention expert would be better able to answer this question. There are a many programs that can fragment consumers into patterns by where they live, what purchases they make, what magazine subscripts they subscribe to. We are not currently using any specific program in marketing analysis we will research further and provide you with some choices. There is an subsidiary of SK+G advertising that does exactly this type of consumer sorting. It involves intricate processes that integrates Database consolidation, consumer profiling and segmentation, analytic based marketing strategy, ROI management, Web 3.0 solutions, etc.

  5. We have our Loan Writer, coming to visit first week of September and she needs the flexibility to have mobile broadband for her laptop. Doesn't want to rely on hotels & other hotspots as she doesn't want to have to drag her laptop around to various spots for wireless while she is on vacation. However, she does need to be able to log into our loan processing website and "work" on loans etc as required. May need a reasonable amount of bandwidth to accommodate the particular website that we access.

    In your experience, what is the best pre-paid plug in for the laptop. I found SlingShot online, (and have sent them an email) but was wondering if anyone has any experience with these devices and can recommend either the device or the best carrier for coverage. She will also be venturing into Canada, so if it is able to be used there as well, that is a bonus. If not, any suggestions for Canada? While in Canada they will be in an RV so hotspots are probably not going to be as prevalent.



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